Auditing Services

Estrang Audit


The best internal audit service adds value to the entire organization and gives comfort to the Board & other stakeholders on the soundness of the organizations internal controls.

Estrang has designed its internal audit service to bring ideas and innovation to management to ensure the organization objectives are met.

Estrang develops a unique framework and partners with management to tailor an internal audit approach that will meet each organization’s unique needs. This can be achieved through

  • Internal Audit Out-sourcing
  • Internal Audit Co-Sourcing


This is a review of an agreed aspect of your business information, rather than the whole of your financial statements.

Estrang develops the audit procedures in agreement with the client to ensure the objective of the review is achieved.

Estrang will perform the procedures and share a factual report that has no opinion or conclusion with the client against the agreed upon procedures. The opinion or conclusion is drawn by the client.

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